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Frequently Asked Question

Cleaning Services

Q. Why choose Clean N’ Scrub for bond cleaning?

A. Our services are only offering the best cleaning products and equipment to get the whole cleaning job done at the most affordable prices. We have been doing bond cleaning services for over a decade. So, our team know what exactly is needed by real estate company or property owner, to fulfil their checklist and to get your bond money back.

Q. How do I book a bond clean service or any service?

A. You can book a FREE quote for any Clean N’ Scrub service in the following ways:

  1. Call (07) 3040 3003
  2. Use our booking form to submit an online form
  3. Email:

Q. Is there any other additional cost other than quoted price that was provided?

A. When you book over the phone, website’s booking form or mail, we are proving a quote on the average size of the property as per the market size. Unless your property is larger than the standard size the price will not change.

Q. Do you provide other services such as carpet cleaning, pest control, pressure cleaning and mowing services?

A. Yes, we have our own team that is experienced, licensed pest control, pressure cleaner carpet cleaner and gardener for mowing services. So, Clean N’ Scrub customers can get all bond cleaning and other services in one call.

Q. What if the cleaning results is not up to real estate agent standard?

A. We know how to satisfy landlords and real estate companies, our cleanliness level needed by real estate agents and home property owners will assure you that we will meet all standards. If any chance we miss out something which your real estate agent wants to be fixed, we will fix it at no further cost. That will be covered by our service guarantee to make sure that all customers will be satisfied.

Q. What if no one is available at home during the cleaning schedule? Can you still clean if I leave the key for you?

A. Yes, we can still continue cleaning if you leave the key for us somewhere safe and give it back you or leave it into the same place, although we are not liable for the keys. If the key is within reasonable distance we can collect it from your real estate agent as well.

Q. What do I need to do before Clean N’ Scrub cleaners arrive?

A. Please make sure that all furniture’s are removed from the property and leave the electricity on so our cleaners can do the job quicker.

Q. What if something happened accident or damaged during the clean?

A. Clean N’ Scrub services are fully insured. If our cleaners break anything, we will fix it for you without any cost. As our policy, we don’t clean any broken items or items which we believe can be break or fragile.

Q. What are the available payment methods do you have?

A. You can settle your payment over the phone, bank transfer or can pay cash to our cleaners before the cleaning service. For bank transfer option, you need to pay at least 3 days prior to the clean schedule for the payment to clear.

Spring / One Off Cleaning

Q. What is spring cleaning service? How it differ from regular cleaning service?

A. Spring cleaning services are performed before property evaluation, or when someone important is visiting your house, pre-sale of property, or houses which are not cleaned regularly and needs a thorough clean once in awhile. Whereas regular cleaning services are done at regular intervals.

Regular Home Cleaning

Q. Are your cleaners screened?

A. Yes. All our cleaners are screened and have a national police check. As well they are efficient, experienced and trustworthy.

Q. Can you send the same cleaner every time?

A. Yes, we try to send the same cleaner every time or can be requested upon availability.

Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control

Q. Why choose Clean N’ Scrub for carpet cleaning?

A. We have qualified and well-experienced carpet cleaners, who will ensure your carpet is cleaned and restored to its original condition thus, stay new, looks good, smells fresh and works longer. Also, we use best of the equipment, tools and top quality products to get better results.

Q. Why choose Clean N’ Scrub for pest control management?

A. Clean N’ Scrub have skilled professionals to treat all kinds of insects, bugs, creepy crawlies as well as other pets such as spiders, rats and mice, termites, silverfish, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs and ants.

Pressure Cleaning

Q. Do you do house washing, patio and driveway pressure cleaning?

A. Yes, we have specialized high-pressure equipment and trained cleaners to bring a new lease of life back to your houses, driveways, patio’s, or any hard surfaces that need to be cleaned. Our powerful industrial pressure cleaning machines will remove the toughest and stubborn  stains and improve the value and appearance of your property.

Gardening services

Q. Do you do waste removal and debris cleaning in gardening service?

A. Yes, we also taking care of the waste. We provide service for waste removal whether it is small or a huge debris, at home, office, industry, building sites, factories.

If you have any further enquiries, you may email us to or fill out our Contact Us Form. You can also call us on (07) 3040 3003 or chat with us on Skype by adding our Skype ID: CleanNScrub and we will be happy to help you.